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Grey upholstered Bed frame grey comforter, grey and white pillows, blush large knit blanket, round night stands, white and gold goose neck side lamps, framed wall art of palm trees, white walls, white wood floors

This package includes two in-home visits:
1. I will walk through the home with the

seller and talk to them about the importance of first impressions/great photos (to make potential buyers want to visit the home) and of providing the buyer with a positive experience so that they are able to picture themselves living in the home instead of being distracted by personal items. The seller is then provided with a written plan to declutter and depersonalize their home. I can also make other recommendations if repairs or painting are needed. A $40 can of paint can equal thousands of dollars when a home is being sold.    

2. A second visit is conducted shortly before photos to assure the home is photo ready. 

Last but not least, you will be connected to the talented photographer Marie Rivera who will take beautiful, professional photos. These will be delivered to you via email ready to upload into the MLS so you can get your client’s home sold!

Tel: 612-710-4246

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