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Living Room with black and white graphic flat weave rug, 3 cushion cream mid-century moden sofa, teal mid-century chair with natural wood frame, velvet throw pillows, framed picture collage of bug drawings, modern desk with white drawers, hanging black light

depersonalize their home. I can also make recommendations if painting, minor updates or repairs are needed. A $40 can of paint can equal thousands of dollars when a home is going to be marketed for sale.    


2. A second visit is conducted shortly before photos to assure the home is photo ready. 

This package includes two in-home visits:

1. I will walk through the home with the seller and talk to them about the importance of first impressions/great photos (to make potential buyers want to visit the home) and of providing the buyer with a positive experience so that they are able to picture themselves living in the home instead of being distracted by personal items. The seller is then provided with a written plan to declutter and

Tel: 612-710-4246

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